Brand Ambassador of 361°

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon, an American professional basketball player, currently suits up for the Denver Nuggets. In 2020, he made a significant move by partnering with 361° and launching his signature shoe series, AG. Now in its fourth iteration, the AG 4 boasts the innovative SOAR SYSTEM, featuring a CQT midsole, a forefoot SOARING AREA, and a SOAR PLATE.

Championship Tour in China

Aaron Gordon, a crucial component of the Denver Nuggets' championship team, embarked on a summer journey to China, visiting iconic cities such as Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, and Beijing. As he traversed the country, he shared his unwavering passion for basketball with the Eastern world, fostering a deeper connection between the two cultures.


The King with THE Crown

The Denver Nuggets capped off an impressive season by defeating the Miami Heat 94-89 to claim the 2022-2023 NBA championship with a commanding 4-1 series victory. Aaron Gordon, the team's star forward and brand ambassador for 361°, was instrumental in the win, delivering standout performances on both offense and defense throughout the series. With his dominant play, Gordon led the Nuggets to their first championship. He is now the King with THE crown.