Founded in 2003 and listed in 2009 (1361.HK), 361° is one of China’s top comprehensive sport brands. Our brand matrix boasts four segments: 361˚ Sports, 361˚ Kids, 361˚ International and 361˚ E-commerce. Over the recent years, we have been honing our expertise and offering amazing products worldwide, especially among young people. Meeting consumer needs through our brand and product values gives us momentum to grow steadily and sustainably to tackle the fierce competition. In this way, we may spread our brand culture better and ignite greater public interest in sports.

With the ethos “One Degree Beyond” in mind, 361° aspires to gain tremendous popularity and prestige across the globe. Despite having a single brand, we emphasized the importance of dual drive by sports and fashion and various channels to increase our core competencies constantly. 361˚ International keeps expanding its business scope through the subcompanies in the USA and Europe. As a result, numerous upscale sport shoes and overseas cutting-edge technologies earned 361˚ great acclaim.

Bold Passion, Bright Future. 361° has entered into fast growth. In the years to come, we will uphold our mission “Offer valuable sporting goods for everyone and encourage them to engage in sports” while spreading our values “Integrity, Practice, Collaboration and Efficiency.” Only then can we break with tradition and contribute more to Chinese sports development.

361° always aims to drive its brand through sports and boost its business through fashion. On the one hand, we are devoted to creating some of the greatest products in basketball, running, comprehensive training and other fields. We’ve been enabling product innovation with technologies, and creating products that balance aesthetics and technological innovation. Our sports goods have served players like Nikola Jokic, Aaron Gordon, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Kerambak Makan. 361° put the “Love Program” into practice, our love outreach has totaled more than 100 million yuan in forms of cash and kind.