361° “Light Up” Tour Launches In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USA, April 15, 2024- 361° launched a four-day tour to the United States, heralding a bold new chapter for its acclaimed "Light Up" grassroots program as it enters its fifth year. This venture represents a new milestone for performance footwear brand, 361°, as it embarks on its inaugural international endeavor, showcasing its commitment to innovation and global sports engagement.
This trip to the United States is headlined by some of the top grassroots basketball teams in China. The teams "Guangdong 67" and "TOGETHER" competed in 361° local Chinese “Light Up” league and reached the championship to win this trip to the Los Angeles.
Their teams consist of the local basketball stars, former professionals, dunk contest champions and creators below:
Mai Zijian “Mick” – Former Professional in the ABL with ChongSon KungFu
Sun Hefeng “Grant” – Former Fresno State Men’s Basketball
Yang Zheng – Basketball creator
Meng Fanxi “Victor” – Basketball creator
Liu Chang – Former professional in the Chinese Basketball Association with Beijing Beikong Royal Fighters
Ma Xiaoqi – Basketball creator and participant in China’s “This is Dunking!”
He Xuan – Top Chinese university athlete
Zhou Dali – Top Chinese university athlete and selected on to the professional Chinese Basketball Association’s “Top Collegiate Roster”
Li Rui – Former professional in the Chinese Basketball Association with Beijing Beikong Royal Fighters
During the tour, the grassroots Chinese teams had in-depth international exchanges with world-class basketball coaches like, Devin Williams. 361° has also planned interactions with Long Beach University team members, Ballislife and other American grassroots players.
The Ballislife creator All-Stars including:
“Frank Nitty” (Franklin Session) – Creator All-Star MVP and four consecutive league MVPs in the Drew League
“Nas” (Nasir Core) – Top Ballislife player and former Florida A&M Rattlers
“Uncle Skoob” (Kevin Kuteyi) – Top Ballislife player and basketball creator
Ty Glover – Top Ballislife player and former University of Texas at Tyler
“Duke Skywalka” (Dazeran Jones) – Top Ballislife player and basketball creator
“Monstar The Bully” (Marcus Bell Sr.) – Top Ballislife player and Center for LA Ignite
Furthermore, this expedition to the United States saw a dynamic partnership with SoleStage. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to preview the latest cutting-edge basketball footwear, including the highly anticipated BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro, making its debut and offered in limited quantities. Concurrently, 361° unveiled its new website for U.S. customers, www.361sport.com, marking its official launch.
The first three colorways of BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro dropped on and ONLY ON 361° Sport are "Miro", “Salmon”, and “Silk”. Upgraded from BIG3 5.0 Quick, BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro is ideal for basketball teamwork in summer, suitable for all five basketball positions. Equipped with Qu!kCQTECH midsole, BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro is lighter in weight, of more springiness and more comfort, which accumulates more energy for jumping higher and providing great support for landing safer. The Qu!kBONE carbon-fiber plate and upward large TPU ensures superior stability, with the former providing better force transmission and support, and the latter effectively preventing rollover. The upper of BIG3 5.0 Quick Pro is knitted with a special woven technique called Jiaozong, and this improves rigidity of the shoe structure and breathability of the upper. Its traction is elite as usual with rubber outsole, durable for long-time play.